D-FLUORIDE Pitcher DF48 (Black)

D-FLUORIDE Pitcher DF48 (Black)

  • $150.00

Introducing ELO Living’s unique fluoride removal pitcher: the D-FLUORIDE Pitcher is one of its kind which is able to produce Alkaline Water and reduce chlorine content too. Additionally, it also comes with a digital filter lifespan indicator for you to effectively track the remaining cartridge lifespan.

  • Lifespan of cartridge: 4 months
  • BPA-Free Plastic

Filtration Technology

Stage 1: Non-Woven Fabrics

  • Effectively removes rust and other solid substances to protect filter

Stage 2: High Quality Alkaline Mineral Balls

  • Provides alkaline water by increasing pH level
  • Alkaline water neutralizes harmful acidic toxins
  • Alkaline water effectively hydrates our body

Stage 3: NSF-Certified High Performance Activated Carbon

  • Activated carbon adsorption reduces chlorine, odour, colour, heavy metal, chemicals, and pesticides to enhance the taste of water for drinking and cooking

Stage 4: Special Food Resins

  • Special resins effectively remove the fluoride

Stage 5: Top-rated Far-infrared Energy Ball

  • Reduces Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Allows the water to be more mineralized, activated and purified
  • Micro-clustering of water to promote hydration

Stage 6: Food Grade Eco-friendly PP Filter

  • Prevents filter cartridge materials from escaping


    275(L) x 147(W) x 295(H) mm


    1020 g

    Water Temperature

    Not exceeding 38°C

    Filtered Water Capacity

    2.5 L

    Filtration Capacity

    300 L (approximately 4 months)*

    Average Filtration Flow Rate

    320 mL/min

    Filtration Cartridge Model


    *Depending on in-coming water

    NOTE: Use municipal tap water and do not use water with unknown quality without carrying out adequate disinfection

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