Purchase and Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions of Purchase
These T&C is applicable to all purchases made from the Site and shall govern the rights and liabilities of HyfluxShop, and the Customer as a buyer of any Product from www.hyfluxshop.com
"Customer" means anyone including a person, an entity, a firm or a company who purchases a Product from the Site.
"Price" means and includes the purchase price of the Product, related taxes, duties, handling fees and such other charges and expenses applicable to the purchase of the Product which we may notify you from time to time.
"Product" means any goods available for sale and purchased by the Customer from the Site.
"Site" means www.hyfluxshop.com.
"Supplier" means the supplier who supplies Product(s) listed in the Site.
"T&C" means these terms and conditions of Purchase.
"Terms of Supply"means all terms imposed by the Supplier on the sale of a product in this Site and includes the terms and conditions of purchase, Supplier’s warranties, Supplier’s return policies and Supplier’s replacement policies for the Product(s).
It is hereby agreed by the Customer,
    The Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that any purchase by the Customer from the Site is made between Hyfluxshop and the Customer. By clicking on the "I accept" button, the Customer agrees and accepts (and is deemed to have irrevocably agreed and accepted) that the Terms of Supply, this T&C, the Terms of Use of the Site, the Privacy Policy for the Site and the Returns Policy will govern the relationship between the Customer and Hyfluxshop for any purchase made by the Customer. 
    These T&C, Terms of Supply, the Terms of Use of the Site, the Privacy Policy for the Site and the Returns Policy shall constitute the final and complete agreement between Hyfluxshop and the Customer in the sale and purchase of any Product from this Site (“an Order”) and all prior representations, statements, understandings, agreements, communication in any form oral or written are superceded by these T&C. These T&C shall prevail in the event of any inconsistent terms in any offer, acceptance or other communication among the parties either before or after an Order. 
    No modification of an Order shall become effective unless in writing signed by an authorized representative of Hyfluxshop and the Customer.
    • The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Hyfluxshop shall be obliged to process a purchase order for a Product for the Customer only upon full payment of the Price of the Product is being received by Hyfluxshop. Hyfluxshop reserves at all times the right to adjust the Price of any Product on this Site unless and until such payment is received. If a Product is no longer available, Hyfluxshop will refund the Price of the Product to the Customer.
    • Hyfluxshop reserves the right to refuse to process any purchase order made for any Product at its sole discretion. 
    The Customer shall make payment for any Product purchased on the Site by PayPal or Telegraphic Transfer.
    Title to and risk of loss of the Product shall pass to the Customer in accordance with the type of INCOterms 2000 available and chosen by the Customer (ie, either ex-works, CIF or DDP as applicable). Title to and risk of loss of said Products shall pass to the Customer in no other way, notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary, including but not by way of limitation, any agreement to pay freight, express or other transportation or insurance charges. 
    Address in Singapore
    • Delivery of a Product will be made to the delivery address provided by the Customer in the purchase order for deliveries in Singapore only.
    Address outside Singapore
    • Delivery of a Product for all countries except Singapore will be made to the port of destination. The Customer will be responsible for the application and settlement of all import taxes, duties and licences applicable for the Product.
    Changes to delivery address
    • No changes to the delivery address will be accepted once an Order has been dispatched for delivery to the Customer.
    • Additional charges may be imposed for redelivery of a Product to the Customer in the event that the Customer fails to accept delivery of the Product.
    • All cancellations or changes to an Order shall be requested through the Site and may be subject to an administrative charge. 
    • No cancellation or change to an Order through the Site will be allowed once the customer has been notified that the purchase of a Product is successful. The customer may contact the Customer Relations Officer for assistance.
    • All warranties on Products purchased through the Site are provided by the Supplier to the Customer and are governed by the Terms of Supply. Hyfluxshop does not provide any independent warranty on the Products.
    • For all Products purchased through the Site, Hyfluxshop will assist the Customer on any refund, return, exchange or other warranty claims on the Product in accordance with the Supplier’s Terms of Supply. Hyfluxshop will endeavour to assist the Customer to communicate any warranty claims by the Customer to the Supplier.
    • In the case of a refund, return or exchange of a Product, Hyfluxshop will endeavour to assist the Customer to ship the Product to the Supplier and to redeliver any replacement Product to the Customer in accordance with the procedure set out in our Returns Policy.
    TThe availability of a Product is not guaranteed by Hyfluxshop and all delivery dates are indicative. While Hyfluxshop endeavours to assist the Customer to procure a Product in accordance with the Customer’s requirements under its proposed purchase order, Hyfluxshop shall not be liable to the Customer for and loss and damage arising from delay in the delivery or unavailability of a Product. 
    • Hyfluxshop hereby disclaims, to the fullest extent possible under applicable laws, any and all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose relating to or in connection with the Product purchased by a Customer from the Site.
    • The information on any Product and materials provided on the Site or the Site itself may contain errors, problems or other limitations and neither Hyfluxshop nor their affiliates shall have any liability whatsoever for the Customer’s use of the Site or any information or materials provided at the Site.
    The Supplier shall only be liable to the Customer to the extent provided for under the Terms of Supply.
    • The Customer represents and warrants to Hyfluxshop that in purchasing any Product, the Customer has assessed for himself and determined the fitness and suitability of such Product for its purposes and that it is not relying on any representation or warranty by Hyfluxshop in making such purchase.
    • The Customer warrants that all Products purchased on this Site are not articles prohibited by any law in force at the country where the Customer is situated or where the products are to be delivered.
    Hyfluxshop, its employees and affiliates shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss, claim or damage of any kind, including without limitation, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability, bodily injury, death, property damage or otherwise that results from the unavailability of the Product, delay in delivery of the Product, the use or inability to use the Product or arising out of the sale or use of any Product by the Customer.
    This T&C are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. You expressly submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of the Republic of Singapore and consent to extra-territorial service of process.
    Should any part of these T&C be held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions of these T&C shall remain in full force and effect.
    Hyfluxshop amy amend, vary, delete or add to any of these T&C from time to time without notice and the Customer agrees to be bound by such amendments, variations, deletions or additions.
Goods Return Policy (“this Policy”)

  1. Hyfluxshop will accept exchange or returns of goods on the same terms as set out in the Supplier’s terms and conditions or under the warranty applicable to the goods (“Supplier’s Conditions”).
  2. Where exchanges or returns are permitted under the Supplier’s Conditions, the customer may contact HyfluxShop to arrange for the exchange or return of the goods. HyfluxShop will arrange for the goods to be collected and sent for return or exchange under the terms of this Policy.
  3. Subject to the Supplier’s Conditions, Hyfluxshop will arrange for exchange or return of goods under the following circumstances:

    • Returns. The goods returned must be unopened, unused and in the original “as-shipped” package. 
    • Exchange. The following categories of goods may be exchanged:

      i. Damaged or defective upon receipt.
      ii. Purchased as a result of a specification error by the customer. 
      iii. Sent as a result of a Shipment Error.
      iv. Permitted under the terms of the warranty applicable to the goods.
  4. Hyfluxshop will not arrange for goods to be exchanged or returned under the following circumstances:

    • Where the customer submits the Goods Request Form and invoice to HyfluxShop more than 7 days after receipt of the goods.
    • Goods which have been used by the customer (unless permitted under the terms of the applicable warranty).
    • Goods that are specifically manufactured or fabricated for a customer.
    • Goods that are purchased from our Specials/Clearance Parts list.
  5. To initiate the returns or exchange of goods, the customer should:

    • Complete and sign the Goods Return Request Form setting out the reasons for the return or exchange. You may download the Goods Return Request Form from our website, click here to download 
    • Fax or e-mail the signed Goods Return Request Form and the invoice to [6396 5577 / support@hyfluxshop.com] within 7 days of receipt of the goods.
  6. Upon receipt of the Goods Returns Request Form and a copy of the invoice, HyfluxShop will notify the Supplier of the customer’s request to return or exchange the goods. Once HyfluxShop receives an approval from the Supplier to proceed with the request, HyfluxShop will arrange for the collection and delivery of the goods from the customer to the Supplier.
  7. The customer shall ensure that the goods returned or exchanged are complete, unaltered and in the form of their original packaging with all instructions/paperwork originally supplied and (applicable for goods which are returned) undamaged and in a saleable condition. The customer will be required to produce and return the original invoice with the goods.
  8. For goods that are returned, HyfluxShop will refund to the customer the price of the goods less any applicable freight or handling charges by bank transfer (TT). Alternatively, the customer may arrange for the credit to be applied to the purchase of other products from HyfluxShop.
  9. For goods that are exchanged, HyfluxShop will arrange for the goods to be returned and goods exchanged to be redelivered to the customer. 
  10. HyfluxShop will inform the customer of any applicable freight and handling charges before making arrangements to collect the goods. The customer will be responsible for all applicable freight and handling charges unless otherwise provided in the Supplier’s Conditions.