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Softer, brighter, cleaner and longer-lasting clothes and towels. Say goodbye to laundry additives and save on laundry detergent as well with the installation of Hyflux Water Softener. In addition, enjoy better appliance performance as scale build-up is prevented. Lifespan of linens, fixtures and appliances is also extended with the use of softer water throughout the house.

Product Features:

  • Integrated brine tank - compact design with small footprint
  • Low voltage electronics for reliability, economy and safety
  • High performance, ultra-fine and solvent-free resins
  • Most salt-efficient softner in the market today
  • High flow rate at 14L/min


Product Name:


Water Softener WS14


Dimensions (W x D x H mm):


302 x 480 x 822

Rated Softening Capacity: (grains @ kg salt dose)


6,600 @ 0.64
11,300 @ 1.4
15,700 @ 3.6

Rated Efficiency: (grains/kg of salt at min. salt dose)



Service Flow Rate:


1.4 m3/hr

Water Supply Hardness (max):


13 gr./L

Pressure Drop at Service Flow Rate:

0.6 bar

Working Pressure (min - max):


1.3 – 8.5 bar

Water Supply Flow Rate (min):


11 L/ min

Flow Operating Temperature:



Tested in accordance to:


US ANSI/NSF Standard 44 for softener performance

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